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4.2011年 マイティ・ソー(THOR)概要 overview 概述




"Mighty Thor" is a unique Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film that portrays an epic tale connecting the world of gods and Earth. Thor, the god of thunder, evolves from a self-centered character into a true hero. His trials and successes, love and battles intertwine to captivate the audience.

While Thor's growth is at the heart of the story, the film also introduces audiences to the broader world of the MCU. The grand scale where the worlds of Asgardian gods, modern Earth society, and their intersections are depicted. The visually stunning portrayal of Asgard and dramatic battle scenes draw viewers in.

Above all, it is Thor's compelling character that elevates the entire film. His humanity and godly power, along with his heartfelt evolution into a hero, provide the audience with an emotionally engaging experience.